About us
Created in 1964, No. 108 Geological Team, directly under the administration of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Geological Mineral Exploration and Development, is a professional institute of comprehensive geological exploration. Its working fields include but are not limited to: different types of geological exploration, construction engineering, scientific researches, risk assessments of geological hazards, geological calamity control, topographic mapping, and cadastral survey. Based in Chongzhou, Sichuan Province, China, we provide clients with the tools for success through our uncompromising safety and quality, expert training and experience, and superior customer service.
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The No. 108 geological Team is strong and has rich experience especially in geological exploration. It was awarded the first prize by China Geological Survey and the first prize in scientific and technological progress by the Ministry of Land and Resources. In the past 50 years, it has submitted 24 research reports in total and achieved fruitful scientific and technological results in geology.
In particular, in 2009, our chief engineer Chen Caijin was granted Li Siguang Geological Science Award, which is the highest-level geological science award nationwide.
Geological exploration
Sichuan Shukang Mining LLC, affiliated to No. 108 Geological Team, specializes in mineral exploration and provides social geological prospecting technical services. As a comprehensive mineral resources exploration team, it gathers all the technical power of No. 108 Geological Team in geological and mineral resources exploration.
Whether it is related to basic geology, mineral geology, geophysics, geochemistry, remote sensing geology or scientific research, Sichuan Shukang Mining LLC has the equipment and experienced staff for your project.
Engineering survey
Sichuan Shukang Geological Investigation Engineering Company, affiliated to No. 108 Geological Team, provides expertise in engineering geological investigation and construction. Founded in 1992, it has undertaken and accomplished more than 500 different kinds of engineering projects, and none of them have had any quality accidents. Every year, its engineering investigation reports were accredited by Sichuan Provincial Office of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in the annual inspection. It is renowned for the good quality and high efficiency of its projects.
The drilling engineering department of No. 108 Geological Team owns a Grade A qualification in geological drilling awarded by the Ministry of Land and Resource, with advanced equipment and an annual construction capacity of 30,000~50,000 meters.
Our team of drill operators have unparalleled expertise, safety training, and field experience. Our safety program is designed to fully address the risks related to the services while meeting the safety and health requirements and minimizing risk for both the client and our employees.

Surveying and mapping
The division of surveying and mapping of No. 108 Geological Team, owns a qualification in surveying and mapping awarded by Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information. It provides a wide range of services related to the surveying and mapping profession. 
The division of surveying and mapping is committed to providing high quality, professional service in a timely manner.

External cooperation
In the past half century, we kept optimizing the development strategy, and innovating our way of thinking about how to develop. By communicating and cooperating with other companies in the mining industry, developing relationships of joint ventures and cooperation in a scientific way, mutually beneficial cooperation and common prosperity have been realized.
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